Career change burnout

So, you’re going through a career change.

You’re on it. You’re updating your cv, applying for jobs, contacting people, asking for advice. You’re full of energy, full of enthusiasm, full of motivation, you’re going to do it. You feel amazing.

But then, out of nowhere, a sort of burnout hits you.

You just cannot look at another job spec. You can’t bear to look at your cv again. You’re done with looking at the computer screen.

You feel dejected. You’ve put so much into it and yet you haven’t had any positive responses to job applications. Not one. And suddenly these dream jobs that seemed so close and so perfect for you now seem impossible.

The motivation has drained out of you, you’re feeling negative, defeated, and the self-doubt is kicking in. It all just seems so hard, so much work.

I think of this as a sort of career change burnout. You put all your energy and thinking into your career change, and it really does take a huge amount of energy and motivation. You have to psyche yourself up, big yourself up, do things that are a bit scary or make you uncomfortable, such as talking about how great you are. The adrenalin is pumping. And then when you don’t get the results you want, after all your efforts, it just blows up in your face. It’s the comedown.

My advise is, step away for a while. Stop checking job alerts, stop randomly scrolling. Just leave it for a while. Instead read some inspiring career change stories, or listen to a podcast or talk with someone who loves their job. Seek out tips and advice. Search out new ideas. Get yourself inspired again. Then when you’re ready for it, launch into it again with renewed enthusiasm.

Don’t try and push through career change burnout. It’s emotionally draining and it takes a lot out of you. Look after yourself. Keep taking action, but some days you need big action, other days small action.

The aim is to make the process as enjoyable as possible, not drive yourself to despair.

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