Client Success Stories

I would highly recommend Jo as a very professional, highly-skilled and experienced coach.

Jo helped me to be more actionable, focused, moving in small steps towards my goals. Jo shared her experience, which I found outstanding, because she has done it before.

Andrey Personal & Career coaching 7th August 2017

Even before my first session, Joanna gave me tools to start thinking about my life and priorities.

She asked really focussed questions, with a really positive attitude. She listened to me and helped to guide me throughout the first session.

I now feel like I have a clear focus with what I want to do, to feel satisfied, and she's helped me with making steps towards that. Bonus is that it's got me thinking about more than my career and it's also made me really reevaluate and feel excited about the future.

Jenna Personal & Career coaching 14th September 2017

When I first spoke to Jo, I felt totally stuck, lost, as though everything was terrible. I wasn't happy with any area of my life from career to relationships.  I was stressed and unmotivated. After several coaching sessions with Jo, I've made a lot of progress. I'm much clearer on the direction I want to head in, and I'm quicker to act on my goals. Having narrowed down my interests I proactively found a role working at an alternative education provision supporting disengaged young people - a newfound passion.  I then succeeded in landing a new job for an NGO promoting the UN's sustainable development goals which allows me to work flexibly and to travel. I made the decision to move back to London which is going well, however I'm still considering a move to Paris and working remotely from there.

Sarah Personal & Career Coaching London 28th August 2018

Working with Jo, I’ve realised the benefits of talking to a coach. I think it’s something everyone could benefit from. I’ve revised how I spend my time, I was able to gain clarity and focus, and accomplish two important goals I had been procrastinating over. I can’t recommend Jo highly enough.

Gillian Career Coaching 21st September 2018

My first coaching session with Jo was motivating in a purposeful way, encouraging of steps I've already taken, allowing space for reflection, and immensely helpful in my process to land an internship abroad!

She was able to help me see the big picture with relationship to my long-term goals. We discussed how the process could look, depending on logistical factors of location, finances, and responsibilities. She asked me questions that allowed me to make connections between my short-term goals and the long-term learning and ideas. She also was able to pinpoint my struggle (the organizational tasks to accomplish everything I have in my mind) and provide feedback to that specific need of mine. She suggested great tools and tailored her strategies to capitalize on my strengths and provide groundwork for my weaknesses.

All the while I felt very comfortable and she seemed to as well, as Jo is a great listener who ensures she understands where you're coming from in order to ask meaningful questions. I can't wait for my next session because I know that my actionable and realistic steps are within my grasp. And I can't wait to share with her how I've moved forward!

Mica Career Coaching 6th October 2018

Photo by Grégoire Bertaud on Unsplash