About Me


Hi, I’m Jo.

Ever since going through a career change and moving to live in another country, I’ve been fascinated by what stops us from doing what we really want to do, and what we can do to overcome this.

What strategies can we put in place to deal with fear, worry and uncertainty?

How can we change negative behaviours?

Also, how can we deal with self-doubt, lack of confidence and indecision?

Finally, how can we appreciate and enjoy the present whilst moving towards the things we want to achieve?


In 2015 I left the job I had been doing for the past decade, working in advertising at an international magazine publishing company.

I had been feeling trapped and unsatisfied for a looooong time, and frustrated with myself in seemingly not being able to move on. It was time for a career change.


During the following 6 months I:

  • worked as a freelance translator
  • learned to salsa in Cuba (read this Salsa for Beginners)
  • purged a lot of my belongings
  • taught 5 year olds maths and Japanese businessmen English
  • holidayed in Turkey and Amsterdam
  • attended countless life coaching taster training courses
  • tutored in touch-typing
  • did a 1-month intensive teacher training course and gained a CELTA qualification (teaching English as a Foreign language)
  • spent a lot of time worrying and fretting about what I was going to do next and how I was going to earn money, whilst relishing my new-found freedom
  • spent a lot of time reading and listening to podcasts on career change and living your dream, in the hope of finding inspiration, direction and answers to the questions above!


Fast forward nearly 3 years and I now live in beautiful Valencia, Spain, where the sun shines (a lot), and along with coaching clients, I work remotely for a small education company promoting literacy. In the past 3 years I have, amongst other things:

  • moved to live in Valencia after YEARS of fighting the urge to live abroad again
  • massively improved my Spanish and developed a taste for café con leche
  • appeared in a couple of articles for Careershifters: Success Story – from job to – Portfolio career and Expert Advice – How To Finance Your Career Change)
  • been invited to sit on an interview panel of career changers/entrepreneurs at Mumsnet’s Workfest event (where other speakers included Jo Whiley and entrepreneur Sharmadean Reid – who I found massively inspiring)
  • gained a life coaching qualification
  • started coaching other people to help them move towards what they really want to do

As a result, over these past few years I’ve become better at taking action rather than endlessly ruminating.  Although I still deal with fear, worry and uncertainty, I try not to let them rule me. My feelings of self-doubt, lack of confidence and indecision have massively improved. And it’s this experience I can share to help others in a similar situation.


One of my priorities is, how can I live a calm, simple, pleasurable life?

How can I spend more time doing things that are important to me (playing with my nieces, going for walks whilst listening to inspiring podcasts, reading & tea drinking) whilst cutting down on those that aren’t (time spent idling on my phone, letting worries churn around in my mind, wasting time on indecision)?

I’m working on this.

These things also make me happy: minimalism, decluttering, yoga, Pilates, meditation, being outside, films, documentaries and thrillers, chocolate.

I like listening, thinking and reflecting.

Above all, I love to inspire, motivate, encourage, keep things positive.

Thanks for visiting.

If you’d like to book some coaching sessions with me, or to sign up for my Get Unstuck! 1 hour strategy session, email me at: joaopoku@gmail.com

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