Coaching Sessions

What you can expect from working with me

Your first coaching sessions are about uncovering what you want to change in your life, and what’s stopping you. If you’re unsure but know that you’re not feeling fulfilled, we’ll examine and evaluate different areas of your life in order to focus on what you really want to change.

In our coaching sessions together we will:

  • Clarify which direction you want to take
  • Uncover your strengths
  • Work on confidence, self-belief, dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Focus on creating a positive mindset

Together we’ll work together on a plan to get you there. Along the way we’ll tackle the mindset and behaviours that might be currently stopping you.

I’ll be there to support you.

My aim is to empower you to take action and take control of  your life.


Coaching sessions run for 45 minutes, either face-to-face or via Skype.

An introductory package of 3 sessions is £99.


If you’d like to set up a coaching session with me, or find out more, send me an email at: 


Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash